“Whispers of the stars” (-Jimmi Black)

Lying not! Lying not! Lying not!

Whispers that star to she.

Naked, than the soft blowing calm breeze,

Standing on the water still.

Thirst- the life.

Oh ! she screams in depth of pain.

Oh pain! Oh pain!

For the Solio’s prettiest

Oh! She tears, at her place.

She is being raped.

Falls that shooting star falls.

And we kiss and clap.

I smile on thee.

Orate, orate , orate I a story.

Witch monstrous, deep ocean colored eyes, broad open.

Deep red ,thick musky lips,

Laughing with please ,hanging starving tongue.

Lust full of saucer secretes.

O! Jumping hippie long golden hairy flowers.

Then something happens and it gets dark.

Scream not thee , let silence be.

Flies does she before thou blink.

Then in the dark appears the red eyes of she ,

Along with bleeding blood tongue.

O she is tall and proud,

Golden metal crowned over crown.

More to tell! More to tell!

Harmonized stars all in dark.

And the stones around all are part.

Tied by laws with thread to her fingers.

So the rebels united and for this are the shooting stars.

And we clap and make love.

But the children sings ,

A song meant for things to uncover.

Purity of innocence is creation foretold.

And the stars smile for the war was not over.

Innocence will live forever.

The dancing dolls and the nine balls.

The deep ,dark, dense dazzling stars.

Shares “gyan”- pious and pure with each other.

Free souls such appear and she too fears.

Gyan must be the mighty ruler,

Whom I thought God earlier.

I know there is a cage says the star to her.

Tied are though the hands of hers.

You know thought can’t be controlled.

And someday those thread will fall.

As these little children will grow more.

Conquering the mighty pious drink of serene knowledge.

Alas! But the stars falls.

For we choose not to care.

Though they are left millions more.

Allied together to create life on earth.

The due dept has consequences further.

Don’t be like Julius Cesar.

Let those pious flowers sprout over.

And then those thread of laws over her fingers will break

And the stars will shine,

Brighter and there will be no shooting star.

to be continued…

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