“The Last Journey” (Jimmi Black)

Flashed a ray and went above the sky

And vanished somewhere in some star.

Laying my body is

Cold ,calm,numb,dead

Can’t breath ,smell or feel.

Screaming they all are

“Ram naam satya hai”

All heads are shaved and the cheeks dazzling with some ointment.

Wet eyes , bit tears,

All I hear is calm pleasant silence .

Over a hump of logs,

Somehow tried have they to cover my skin.

It was I,

Pleasing this.

Sometimes with love,

Sometimes with sexuality.

Caring, carrying, and pleasing with all please.

Knowledge! Knowledge! Don’t come to me

I have my loved ones to live with.

So much we have made love,

I have emotions and tears.

Thou took in a blink,

It was so easy.

God’s son I am than how you did?

‘Laughter loud a theater’

“Ram naam satya hai”

They all are chanting.

And the shadows are moving over my face and empty space.

Somewhere in there mine young boy

With a flower heart trying to sprout filled with resentment,

Carrying a mud pot filled with Rudra’s ganga for the last journey.

And his eyes are filled with tears.

Paintings of past all dark and colorful,

Like a raining rainbow and sharp,

And from his lips some words want to come.

Father! He says father.

I loved all your poetry.

Fly you free bird fly,

You flied your last journey.

The pot falls down from his shoulders.

I know its not that strong.

And he smashes the skull and puts the fire.

Freeze cold, freeze calm, and freeze dead.

This pleasing silence with no fear.

Empty soul,

And breath’s calm losing in dark space .

They hold my love and broke all her bangles.

Never to be beautified again.

We had promises together.

She cried, cried and felled.

But now there’s nothing to feel.

Remembering a day in childhood ,

That crying lady,

Sitting beside her man’s dead body with tears,

Smashing her hands over her breast.

Open mouth, painful screams and her sari spreading all over down.

It was a love song,

Yeah! A love song,

The greatest love song

A love song for every night to come,

Together they are never sung.

All my body is in fire getting purifier,

Going to meet Mother Nature.

It feels nothing now,

I need no wings ,

Its breathless, yeah breathless, empty space.

That lady cried a lot,

And those swollen red eyes meant nothing to me.

It just was a ceremony to be.

In my granny’s place,

It felt nothing to me.

A sweet little child with shades of memories, stories, the singing bees.

And everybody is waiting for my dust ,

Over that ages old stone.

Sitting, smoking and talking their stories.

Someone said, everyone is going to die one day.

Moment latter they slowly start to go.

A father tells his son,

Son! He won’t go, that’s his father,

So he will stay till the last.

Turning up those little eyes that boy gazed back with some fear.

There is no hell or heaven.

Its calm and pleasing.

Soul has sensed freedom ,

And all the dust will flow in that pious river.

It was just a journey and I smile.

And my friend says Nirvana achieved.

Souls have serenity and purity.

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