“Whispers of the stars” (Part-1) (-Jimmi Black;now onwards i will be writing under this name)

lying not ! lying not ! lying not!
whispersthat star to she.
naked,than the soft blowing calm breeze.
standing on water still,thirst the life
oh! she screams long pain oh!pain
oh! pain!
for this soulio’ prettiest
oh! she tears,at her place
she is being Raped.

falls that shooting star falls
and we kiss and clap,I smile on thee
Orate orate orate I
Witch monstrous, deep huge ocean colored eyes, broad open,deep red thin n musky lips laughing with please, starving tongue, lust full of saucer secrets
jumping hippie long golden hair flowers
then something happens, it gets dark
scream not thee!shhhhhh!!
flies does she before thee blink
Then in the dark,appears the red eyes of she,
along with bleeding blood tongue.
O she is tall and proud,golden metal aside!

more to tell more to tell,
Harmonized stars all in dark
tied by laws with thread to her fingers
So the rebels grouped and for this
are the shooting stars , and we clap.

To be continued …

Note:-the poet is the narrator of the conversation

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