SOUL’S Theater (Chapter 1) by Hendrix Rahul



Awesome !

Reached finally do i to the village ,grown with love and care was i where.

Four ‘O’ clock in the evening it is ,and the sunlight is quiet amazing what i feel.

Amazing not because i reaped my crops ,same it is throughout the globe.

Awesome breeze and a cool kind of weather,

Pleasing my heart , pleasing my soul.

Place of the grandparents surrounded my soul .

Tendered it, loved it ,delighted it, felt so,

I filled ,so my soul .

leafy bamboo to surround and protect.

Eyeful it seems its charm and enchantress.

Glanced do i the splendor of the hut,the hovel,the wickiup and the hogan.

Better i found them all, than the concrete construction, to which they all stand tall.

Delighted and Relished me, went to dream,

On a bed of four legs of sakhua and four frame of bamboos for strengthening .

Comfort and serenity…

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