Soon i will come up with many short stories . some real life some fantasy some will make you laugh some will make you cry some will stand before you as mirror some will speak as your soul . Some will touch your heart and make you feel loved. some will make you cry . its all for you just for you. i write for people and try to portray LIFE with my words making you feel your presence in yourself who will keep taking to you when you will read me though it depends but one thing is sure you will love the journey when you are with me because i just portray and you live all those thoughts. And you experience more living with me and I learn from you. All and every life is awesome we just need to realize its beauty that life carries within itself…

Soon i will come up with a story of a place which still lives years back.. I guess you all will love it.Along with the story there are some issues that i will arise that’s present in our society which is my heart’s concern . Hope we all will join hands to remove them all having hands in hand and we stand in a circle.

Thank you


Hendrix Rahul

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