(-Rahul Hendrix)

Assent to tens be zero at a time.

Abscond at the rear the dogs and the pigs in line.

Glance into the eyes lies his conurbation.

Hath within it bring to a halt the space and time.

It’s the journey meant for eternity.


You will flipside yet again

to adore your dear ones.

After the expedition.

The flaps are always open of the cloud nine

Please move on we are the shadows of the same one.



Where is the care for where is the verve,

Please clasp on space and hold on the time,

In the offing is the stairway

In the offing is she

Please shine on eternity.

Rambling are the psyche of the shadows ,

The black mare wearing the black visor ,                           

On his features is tied with black haul,

Carrying the psyche of the shadows is in front of the naval.


Lying in the wake of are millions of cascade in black all around,

Tied with chains with it.

These are the dogs and pings,

Over whom we can win, else can find chains within



This is the end…..

My friend this is the end….



The black mare then plummets into the marine,

Dragging the cascades all along with it.

Laughing is the nature along with birds and trees,

Watching them tumbling into the sea.


Breaching are the doors for them of torment,

Waiting are the machines with dignity,

And blood is imminenting out,

Sucking the impurities of them,

May be of us if we won’t admit the upshot of Eternity.



Corpse and psyche then are churned with the same old machine,

After putting the psyche in the bodies.

And are made remember of their deeds.

Crying they all are,

But can merely stumble on the face of their mother turning.

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